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tv   DW News - Interview with Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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yes social media. digital investigators comb through a lot of images. try to reconstruct what happened. to start but you want me to take on t.w. . for the first time after her real action shake a scene or the prime minister from bangladesh gave an interview to an international broadcaster and that was with thoughts of ellen we talked about her priorities about her fears and what she wants to leave behind once she will have left the office. because you know we're sitting here and then the the painting of your father who is the founder of bangladesh which about a month he was assassinated in august one thousand eight hundred seventy five
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alongside with many of your family members but you and your sister you stayed in germany at that very day has this shaped your relationship to germany. well. we will have always good relationship and in seventy far as mark you know my husband was a nuclear scientist and he was walking and cut through adversity so we just won there are four hundred eighty four few days. that i was a student or doctor nurse city but i have. two kids and i took my sister when we. were building. and were city area and really that was a good environment for study. but it is unfortunate that within fifteen days
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that we have nobody everybody killed except this two sister yes i should have my government immediately they inform us if we want to stay back. to accepted so that way you can say yes because we are so german has very special no. friendly gesture to us so you are now in office for the third time in a row and i hear rumors that you say this might be your last her. i want well is the. thought. and before that i was prime minister for. so i don't know on the ground new for more. i think that everybody should take a break and then we can make a coalition for younger generation so you would say this is probably your last term
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do understand you right where i become prime reserve then i say look i don't want to continue i want to lead other to do but i going to stop because a true starting for establishing democracy and people's mancipation that's what i would love to talk with you about prime minister so what would you like to accomplish within this next five years. food security accommodation and occasion health care job opportunity this massive news then. definitely every human being want a better life than we have to ensure that my father his whole life for his people and the country he libertad the country he wanted to build of this country as a prosperous country but he could do it so i feel that. this is my job but when you talk about establishing a democracy there's more you want to establish it's like freedom of speech is human
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rights it's sure gender equality what are you going to do in this regard listen actually. what you see now in the country it is not like this as because our country ruled by mildred. time and again no movement freedom of movement that was a situation. we had only one television no private television lot where would they do how people can exercise their freedom of speech so you saying you're coming really lot of change. and i didn't and to six when i first time i become prime minister first thing i decided that i will open up everything to the private sector. one thing is to
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ensure freedom up a space and show people's freedom of movement and right i'm our first perjurers to ensure put security. so a country become self-sufficient in food then. a location that is also very very important because i'm listening to the good people how can you build up this country as a poverty very kind to prime minister would you consider education one of your priorities priorities will talk initiative that we should ensure that each and every one should get pushed occurred to me and side by side of the question we started building in schools or there is no is school and also and car is children to go to school we started giving mother some money or some assist so that she should send their children to their school so that we and
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carries them for education and for health care started establishing community health care center what i feel that they are best signees the who the shelter. and then job opportunity that is also. and also security so it is that human marriage which was freedom of speech play for you you just said that early on there were only state rules media this is changing in your country isn't like also a basic need that people have the freedom of expression always of course they can and you support that one hundred percent hundred percent also critical voices who criticise your your style of leadership or your decisions which you say this is part of democracy listen if you work more than you will. hear more criticism but. you should ask my people whether their asset is why don't
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not what they think well that they are getting. all what they need or that i can. i will provide this we also remember i think the world does as well the situation of bloggers here and think bangladesh some years ago many of them got murdered and killed on the streets. well some incident happened but they needed to take action now you know. our tourism become a worldwide problem and bangladesh also first some extent but immediately we took action we declared you don't all are to terrorism and you could have gone to all that you know how do you do that i mean zero tolerance it sounds so easy to do it's not that is it is very complicated this is
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true but what i did well in one hand i strengthen our law enforcement agencies and we train them i am a special. i was meant for them but what is more effective that is i just like you and i go to the people i call upon the people but besides the awareness you needed to build a coalition with fundamentalist groups like. islam during the election so do they want something out of that no i don't do that in this country everybody has food of every species so there have also right through out their war but what we have to do of course have to do because we all do pass the law about the matters . and they are also involving. whole society but you will fight for the right yes you have also changed the constitution only law or. taking
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action will not solve the problem but what i have done that our education for girls is totally free up to class then we provide a stipend for them free books we distribute for all the student and even our primary section the girls and government is more than boys. and now parents know their want their their children should we do that then we create a job opportunity for girls also because education is free now parents also want that. his girl should you know little bit so there are also thing that their girls really do care so that then she will get a job so she marries is not the only eighteen opportunity for yes actually
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you have to change the mindset in the past. pears to think we're wired sure that we're the girl because one day she will get married she'll go to the another family but now they don't think that now this thing that yes i should live with my girl she will be eligible to our money and well then she may get married so that we are bringing in a change in the society gradually know our trial measures has reduced demand us do you waiting for that i hear yes it doesn't matter if anybody supported you during the election this is something you're not that's not negotiable for you girls for granted i have done than al it will continue it will well i don't want to fight with them are there and want to us all i will do now what is my job that is to keep peace in this country a peaceful atmosphere right so well
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i've told you the people have. to speak what they want to but. what is good for the country would put the people who would for the girls boys are a human being that is my concern and of course i will do that i would like to come one more time back to the elections which just happened a ruling coalition won two hundred eighty eight out of three hundred seats that's ninety six percent that's nearly one hundred percent what happened to the opposition actually you see when you contest election what people want to see who is the leader. present that. actually them lack of politics is mainly there that they form present any leadership that who will run the country next secularism is under threat in your country no no you don't says no so you're not
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afraid of like really islamistic forces forces out there are no doubt about it but who can see the condition in this country we have religion harmony it's every religion people there are formed people get killed on the streets because of criticizing or not living conform. not just religious i know this is not true they got threatened i mean we were talking about bloggers earlier on i mean this there is a danger in the streets isn't it yes i don't know that you incident took place but immediately we took you know a step then it is taught in our country we all. create most that each and every religion they can perform their religion fully peacefully or not a bully so gruesome doesn't mean that normally no. we believe in religion
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and everybody should have their right and we have religious harmony so you don't feel any threat. religion for. now some. people sometimes that use it but that is the wrong. premise of thank you so very much indeed. i'm skilled at the work that hard and in the end this for me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with a smuggler as well lion so. what's your story. i mean what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send
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us your story you are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor or not and yet you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. it's the end of the superjumbo after more and more customers jump ship about pulling the plug on the flagship a three eighty production of the world's biggest ally the world stopped in two years. also coming up china's exports biggest surprise markets while trade talks in beijing move to the next level. and china prepares for an unusual role as host of the twenty twenty two winter olympics
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. this is business. as in berlin welcome it's a common size of apple's all over asia the apple a three eighty but make sure you catch a glimpse of the biggest airliner in the world before it's too late because it will stop making it in twenty twenty one that could lead to massive need to massive job cuts at the european plane makers factories in britain germany and france pulled the plug after major orders by australia's qantas dubai's emirates were cancelled and the super jumbo took flight in two thousand and five it promised to revolutionize and travel but failed to deliver on expectations. the final chapter is closing on the world's largest passenger jet the a three eighty took off for the first time in two thousand and eight it can hold up to eight hundred fifty passengers if needed. the company had hoped that the plane would squeeze out boeing seven forty seven and revolutionize.


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